Pismo Preserve discovery day draws hikers from near and far

Pismo Preserve Opens

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - In the hills above Pismo Beach, hikers were given the chance to get a new and unique view of the Five Cities. 

The Pismo Preserve was open to the public to hike the more than 11 miles of trails unsupervised for the first time Saturday. 

"This is the first chance for the public to get out and enjoy these trails on their own," said Kaila Dettman, Director of the San Luis Obispo Land Conservancy. She says while this area is known for the beach, they noticed a need for hiking grounds. 

"There's no upland hiking and mountain bike trails, so we saw a real need for there to be access for people to get up in the hills and into nature."

"I'm always amazed by all of the different little vistas around every corner," said Dyan Theobald, the conservancy's Stewardship Manager. "It is really nice to see the general public come out here and enjoy, especially after all the hard work the community has put into this project."

The conservancy raised more than $10 million to buy the preserve property from the previous owners, who were considering developing the land. Organizers hope to have the preserve fully up and running in 2018. 

The preserve will be open for two discovery days a month until it opens. The next chance to check it out is June 25. 

"All you have do is hop on a free shuttle," Dettman said. "It's a short drive from City Hall, and in south county we have some stops as well. Then anyone can come out here and hike, and mountain bike, and enjoy themselves."

For more information regarding the Pismo Preserve, click here.

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