Piano placed at La Cumbre Peak in Santa Barbara

Nate Hollingsworth plays the piano at La Cumbre Peak

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - [11:00 P.M. PDT] The person responsible for putting the piano at La Cumbre Peak is instagrammer 'josegarcia_4'. 

'Josegarcia_4' said he put the piano there because he wanted to add to the beauty of La Cumbre Peak. "I thought it would be a great idea to bring these two things that I love together. Music with an incredible view, it's like the cherry on top for La Cumbre Peak," said the instagrammer.

The instagrammer says the piano is a nice surprise that nobody would expect on top of the mountain.


The Santa Ynez Mountains north of Santa Barbara are alive with the sound of music from a piano mysteriously placed at La Cumbre Peak.

NewsChannel 3 first heard of the piano on Friday, August 18 from a tip from a viewer. On Sunday, we received another tip this, time with a picture.

A news crew was sent up to the mountain to investigate.

Linda Hollingsworth, a hiker and Goleta resident, was told about the piano by her daughter who found the piano at La Cumbre Peak the day before on Saturday.

"I think it is so cool,"Hollingsworth said. "The view is amazing, sitting up here right on top of the mountain, Looking out over the ocean and the fog. Hearing the music -- it's my happy place".

Hollingsworth's son Nate said it was awesome to have a piano there.

While scouring social media for more information about the mysterious piano, we found posts from as early as July 20.

One post on Instagram, with the hashtag #missioncomplete is the earliest reference we could find. The photo was posted by a user named josegarcia_4. We've reached out to the poster about their involvement but we have not received a reply yet.


La Cumbre Peak's New Piano #missioncomplete #peacekeys #seesb #sbstory #mockingbird #keyt3

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Regardless of who put it up there, the piano adds to the already breathe taking view at La Cumbre Peak.

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