Effort underway to find home for dog that has been in Ventura shelter for five years

Effort underway to find home for dog...

VENTURA, Calif. - Workers at The Canine Adoption & Rescue League (CARL) in Ventura are going the extra mile to find a home for a senior dog.

A pitbull mix named Cowboy has been without a permanent family for half a decade and his handlers are hoping to set him up with a home to live out his golden years.

Cowboy is clicker trained, knows many basic commands and is skilled in nosework. Volunteers describe him as smart. lovable, charismatic and goofy.

But kennel life has been hard on Cowboy. Shelter officials say he has injured himself during escape attempts and he is depressed due to his living situation.

Because Cowboy is a senior dog, and because of his breed, it has been incredibly difficult to find a suitable owner. CARL representatives say he requires an extra patient and empathetic owner, due to his extended period living in an animal shelter.

To help his future owner, certified dog trainer Genie Tuttle from Dog Genie is offering free training services and full support to whoever adopts Cowboy.

The team at CARL say they long for Cowboy to find a permanent home, and all he needs is a little love.

Anyone interested in fostering or adopting Cowboy should call (805) 644-7387 or email Genie Tuttle. For more information about The Canine Adoption & Rescue League, visit their website.

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