Cat lost in mudslides tracked down by paw prints and reunited with family

Firefighters left food behind for the cat

Cat lost in mudslides tracked down by paw prints and reunited with family

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - If a cat has nine lives, Lindsey Thomson says her kitty is down to seven after losing her during the deadly Montecito mudslides only to be reunited a week later.

"Thank you so much, we needed something like this to happen for our family," said Thomson as she sobbed through a video posted on Facebook that's garnered thousands of views.

Koshka, which means "cat" in Russian, had been missing since the mudslides roared down Montecito Tuesday.

"We knew that she was alive, we knew she was smart and would find a safe place to be," said Woody Thomson, Lindsey's husband.

Koshka's also has a new nickname, the "Paw Print Kitty."  Firefighters had tracked her paw prints in the mud near Oak Grove Drive and left food out.

"I followed the muddy footprints under the bed and I saw the kitty and she started crying and we got her in a carrier and got her home safely," said Michael Pennon, Animal Control Officer.

Pennon crawled through a second story window to rescue Koshka, weighed down by mud dreadlocks.

"Those small victories are so important. there's so much devastation here and being able to reunite that cat with her family was special for me, was special for our department," said Pennon.

It's a happy ending for the Thomson's and some "paw-sitive" news we all so desperately need.

"We just can't thank you enough, we needed this, thank you," said Lindsey.



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