Bunny rabbits rescued after being dumped in Santa Ynez Valley

Several other rabbits were found dead

Rabbits are dumped in the Santa Ynez...

LOS OLIVOS, Calif. - Over a dozen domesticated rabbits were left for dead after being dumped in the Santa Ynez Valley. Good Samaritans and Santa Barbara County Animal Services jumped in to help round them up.

They heard of the rabbits after a Good Samaritan called Santa Barbara County Animal Services about the animals running loose.

Liquorice is one of the rescued rabbits. He is getting a second chance at finding a home after they found him dumped out on Figueroa Mountain Road.

"There are 14 live rabbits rescued from the location, there could be more out there,” said Stacy Silva, Community Outreach Coordinator for Santa Barbara County Animal Services. 

The domesticated rabbits were running loose in the rural area with no clue how they got there.

"It’s exceptionally dangerous dumping rabbits or any domesticated animal like that,” said Silva. She added that the extremely hot temperatures coupled with the dangerous predators could have killed them.

"Animal abandonment which is this, is against the law, it’s inhumane and unnecessary,” said Silva. 

Liquorice is staying at the La Paws Animal Shelter in Lompoc and is getting adopted by one of the people who helped rescue him. The rest of the rabbits are at Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter (BUNS) in Santa Barbara. There they will get they will get around the clock care.

"They are going to undergo vet care and get spayed or neutered when they can and then will be available for adoptions,” Silva said.  

The rabbits are in good health, according to Silva. However, she said they did find six dead rabbits out near Figueroa Mountain Road in Los Olivos area. 

"Before you think of abandoning your animal please reach out for help,” Silva said. 

Silva is hoping someone recognizes these rabbits and where they could have come from or have seen who dumped them.

If you have any information regarding this animal incident, please call 805-737-7755.

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