Arroyo Grande new park rules not sitting well with some dog owners

Move comes after numerous dog fights at park

Arroyo Grande new park rules not sitting well with some dog owners

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - Teah Anders has been a dog trainer in Arroyo Grande for the last 18 years at her facility Gentle Touch Pet Training.

She questions some parts of the city's new laws for its Elm Street Dog Park, like why they would ban citronella spray for the use of breaking up dog fights.

"Citronella has been shown to be a good interrupt if you can catch the dogs before they get in the middle of it. It's just a deterrent and it deters them by scent - they don't like the smell of it, it doesn't hurt them in any way," says Anders.

But a representative from the Elm Street Dog Park Association, the organization who brought these laws to the council's attention, says they did research on the spray and they believe citronella can be harmful to dogs when sprayed directly into the mouth, nose, or eyes. They also argue that the wind could blow the spray into the face of the owners themselves.

Another part of city's new rules is that male dogs over one year of age have to be neutered. For dog owner Ken Kleist, he believes that the city is overstepping their boundaries on this.

"My last dog was 12 years old when he passed away and he never was neutered. He was the kindest dog to every human, every dog, every cat - to everybody. It's the owner that needs to be neutered.. not the dog because it's the way they bring them up," Kleist says.

Dog owner Andrew Westby on the other hand says that these rules will only effect a small number of people that even come to the park, telling us: "We don't really have that many problems at this park, I think some of the stuff that happens here gets a little overstated."

Overall, for dog trainer Teah Anders, she argues that some dogs just aren't cut out for the dog park in general.

"So it's a lot like people - some are introverted, some are extroverted, some are comfortable around a lot of people at a party, some are not. So people need to know their dog before they bring them to a dog park," she explains.

Anders goes on to say that there are other places you can be active with your dog that don't involve going to the park. She recommends things like throwing a ball around in your yard or taking them on a trail.

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