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Eddie Mulholland/Getty Images

Cat leash law could come to Alaska town

Leashes won't be just for dogs, if an Alaska council votes to approve a cat leash law.


Courtesy Jendz Photography via CNN

Bride's dying dog sees his person down the aisle

Charlie was Kelly O'Connell's "best fur friend."



CDC: Please do not kiss your chickens

Cancel your weekend plans, because kissing chickens is off the table.

Musicians Donate Money To Santa Barbara Zoo Giraffe Exhibit

Juan O’Campo

Musicians Donate Money To Santa Barbara Zoo Giraffe Exhibit

Nine-time Grammy Award winning artist Pepe Aguilar will perform at the Arlington Theater in September.

Chicago White Sox fans sit in the outfield at U.S. Cellular Field with their dogs during the annual 'Bark in the Park' day, breaking a Guinness World Record title for the most dogs attending a sporting event

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Dogs set world record at baseball game

Dogs and baseball are two of the greatest things in the world, and the Chicago White Sox combined them both to record-breaking effect.

cat posters London subway via CNN

Cat posters replace ads in London subway

If your dog travels with you, it might be better to avoid Clapham Common Tube station for the next couple of weeks.

Dog Available for Adoption

Dogs from Atascadero Hoarding Case Almost Ready for Adoption

Getting a new leash on life - that's the future for over 40 dogs that were rescued from an animal hoarder in Atascadero.

Oxnard Police Dog Makes A Special House Call

Oxnard police received a special request to bring "Jema", its K9 in training, to visit a local teenager with a very severe form of Muscular Dystrophy.

Snake generic

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Giant snake escapes from truck in parking lot

An Arkansas woman was walking through a parking lot when she was startled by a giant snake clinging to the side of a truck.

Woman sleep, sleeping

iStock image

What a kitten can teach us about our sleep

Do you sleep like this adorable Japanese kitten named Tetsuro, flat on your back with your hands by your sides?

Porn dog


Pound puppy turned police 'porn dog'

He struts between desks at the Weber County Sheriff's office, greeted like a celebrity by colleagues who call out, "Hey, it's the porn dog!"

That's right: porn dog, aka smut mutt. He's the department's newest crime-fighting tool with a nose that could...

Dog rescued after Italy earthquake

Vigilli del Fuoco via CNN

Dog rescued from rubble more than a week after Italian quake

Rescue workers heard something as they shuffled through the remains a home in Amatrice, Italy, nine days after it was damaged by a 6.2 earthquake.

What's Right

Toy Store Donations Will Help Schools

Santa Barbara Toy Company and Game Seeker Donating to Local Schools

Buying a Monopoly game, a model rocket, or a retro bike bell will all ring up some…

Musicians Donate Money To Santa Barbara Zoo Giraffe Exhibit

Musicians Donate Money To Santa Barbara Zoo Giraffe Exhibit

Nine-time Grammy Award winning artist Pepe Aguilar will perform at the Arlington…

Sonos donates proceeds from yard sale

SONOS Donates Parking Lot Sale to Notes for Notes Youth Music Non Profit

The SONOS home sound system company is having a yard sale to clear out a building…

Oxnard students remember the events of September 11 2001

911 Remembrance Ceremony At Oxnard High School

Sunday will mark the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Oxnard High School had a special…

Oxnard Police Dog Makes A Special House Call

Oxnard police received a special request to bring "Jema", its K9 in training, to…

Man With Incurable Disesaes Wish To Attend College Granted

Man With Incurable Disease Granted Wish To Go To College

A man with an incurable disease had a wish to go to college -- and his wish is…

House and Home

Churchill birthplace turned into Nazi HQ

Film turns Churchill's birthplace into Nazi HQ

They fought them on the beaches, the landing grounds, in the fields and in the…

Jimmy Carter builds homes

Jimmy Carter's 32-year passion project to build homes

Former President Jimmy Carter is almost 92 years old, but he still swings a mighty…

Alexa, GE appliances

Amazon Echo can now control GE appliances

The dream of telling appliances in your home what to do without ever lifting a…


Why won't 541,000 young Japanese leave the house?

When Hideto Iwai was 16 he shut himself away in his room and refused to come out for…


Construction workers pose on top of huge skyscraper

Construction workers took a death-defying photo from atop a spire 1,099 feet above…

Anthony Perkins in 'Psycho'

Building featured in 'Psycho' sold to developers

A historic building known for appearing in the movie "Psycho" has been sold to…

Local Headlines

Woman Suffers "Serious" Injuries in Early Morning Stabbing in Santa Maria

A Santa Maria woman is being treated at the hospital for what police are calling…

Concert Across America To End Gun Violence raised awareness

Concert Across America Raises Awareness About Gun Violence

The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence marquee at the Arlington Theatre came…

Concert To End Gun Violence Tonight

The Concert Across America is Sunday night at the Arlington Theatre.

Eyewitness talks about comforting Pismo Beach attempted murder victim

A man is in critical condition after police say someone stabbed him several times in…

Suspect Arrested After Carjacking & Stabbing

A man is in critical condition and a suspect is in custody following a vehicle theft…

Newsroom Tipline


Plains All American Pipeline Stock Plunges After Refugio Oil Spill

NewsChannel 3 continues our special series of reports into the Refugio oil spill…

Tipline SLO Porsche

NewsChannel 3 Investigates: SLO Porsche Crash Leads to Bogus Story

You've probably heard the saying that 'honesty is the best policy." What you're…

911 Fatal Flaw

NewsChannel 3 Investigates: Fire Chief Fights to Fix Fatal Flaws in the 911 System

Who has a better system for identifying and processing mobile phone calls? The 9-1-…

Tipline Investigation: U.S. Senate Candidate Accused of Making Threats

We have a follow up to a Tipline Investigation that we broke two weeks ago. It…

Tipline Investigation Tracking Bad Bank Transfers

NewsChannel 3 Investigates: Pismo Beach Man Battles Bank of America to Recover $1,900

Sometimes the smallest errors can turn into the biggest headaches. A viewer in…

Tipline Felon Seeks U S Senate Seat

Tipline Investigation: Felon Seeks U.S. Senate Seat

Our Tipline investigation puts the spotlight on a felon who wants to represent you…

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