Message in Bottle Washes Ashore Near Pismo Beach

Message In Bottle Washes Ashore Near Pismo Beach

SHELTER COVE, Calif. - For David Wilson and his family, an ordinary Sunday afternoon fishing trip turned into so much more.

"There was nobody on the beach because it was such a high surf," said Wilson. Despite the high surf advisories, Wilson, his girlfriend Casey Baca, and her daughter, 10-year-old, Kaya decided to visit Shell Beach anyway.

"Well, we came down here and we were just trying to find a spot where we could set up our equipment" he said. "Just our ice chest, our lawn chair, our umbrella." The family had been postponing this fishing trip for quite some time.

"We were trying to go on the last two weekends and we ended up making it out here," he said. After the family settled on a dry patch of land to fish, they soon realized why no one was at the beach that day.

"A wave came around that point right there," said Wilson. "That's when we realized we needed to get outta there." The wave hit them pretty hard and in the process, Wilson lost his shoe, but found something else.

"He came back with a bottle and he was pointing at it," said his girlfriend, Casey Baca. It was a message in a bottle. "He was holding a bottle up in the air and he was just showing it to us and I just thought it was really cool, cause it was all the way from Maui," said Kaya. 

"It was tattered and had gotten kinda wet so we unpeeled it very carefully and let the sun dry it out, said Baca. And, according to the date, the letter had been at sea for quite some time. "This was dated 2010 from Maui, Hawaii, a little girl sent it out," said Wilson. Inside the bottle was an invitation.

"It says, this long lost bottle is inviting you to Safina's birthday," Wilson said. The name Kim Woodstoker was also on the invitation, the family assumed that Woodstokcer might be Safina's mom. It's also very likely that Safina and Kaya are about the same age.

"I would just wanna talk to her, to see like, talk to her about the party and everything and it would really just be cool to see her," said Kaya.

She'd also like to let Safina know, that four years after it was written, her bottle made it to the beaches of California. 

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