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Taking Fitness to a Whole New Height

Getting a jump start on your fitness goals in a non traditional way

Taking Fitness to a Whole New Height

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Many people have fitness goals for the new year, and for those who may be tired of the same old routine, News Channel 3's Meredith Garofalo shows us one way to take your workout to a whole different "height."

It's not your typical gym or average workout routine.

"It's basically designed to be as fun as possible," said Airobic Fitness owner Steve Lindsey.  "To get the people who maybe always try something and then they give up after a while."

Lindsey's workout facility takes fitness to a whole new level.

"In between the rebounders and a trampoline park, which it no way is, but it's basically designed where you can go from pod to pod without  being on the same pod as someone else so you get a good cardio workout that way," Lindsey said.

In order to find out how this really works, l tried the moves myself. 

It starts with a warmup that really gets your heart jumping.

"First move is kind of parachute landing," Lindsey demonstrated.

I describe it as feeling a rush like a kid gets the first time on a trampoline.

"You get your jump going, then you go forward," explained Lindsey.

He made it look easy.

I realized I am definitely not as suave at leaping as I thought I might be!

Of course, the class isn't just defying gravity.  There's also focus on upper body.

Then after all that, we get to lie down and work on core.

I can attest that it's a good workout, and in a half hour or so Lindsey said you can burn an average of 500 calories.

"It's just easy to gear yourself for intensity, so everyone completes it," Lindsey said.

For more information, you can visit their website, http://www.airobicfitness.com.  The facility is located in the La Cumbre Plaza between GNC and Claire's.

Another trampoline fitness facility, in case you are interested in soaring to a different height in your workout routine, is Cloud10 Jump Club (opening this month) -- http://cloud10jumpclub.com/

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