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NBA Superstar Cajoles Santa Barbara Women Into Running

Popular Fitness Guru Floored By Inspirational Run

NBA Star Cajoles Santa Barbara Women Into Running

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A six foot, eleven inch NBA player proved that if he measured out his patience and goodwill toward others, it would stack just as high.

NewsChannel 3 has learned that Houston Rockets' Dwight Howard spent the past week working out at Jenny Schatzle's training facility in Santa Barbara.

On Thursday, at the end of the workout session when it was time to run a long lap around the block, a handful of women refused; they'd never run before -- certainly not outdoors -- and weren't about to start now.

The group headed back to the treadmills. 

And Howard followed. 

Schatzle said the man known as "Superman" on the hard court, told the ladies they'd all do the run together, and he'd stick with them.

And he did.

"The rest of the class was waiting at the end of the block," Schatzle said. "They made a tunnel, cheering them on, people were crying and high-fiving. It was one of the most inspiring things i've seen in my life."

Schatzle said Howard may be known as "Superman" on the courts, but in her book, he is a super hero on the streets of Santa Barbara and in her fitness center.

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