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Local gym owner on a mission to change lives

Local gym owner, Jenny Schatzle is on a mission to change lives

Gym owner inspires community

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A local gym owner is on a mission to change lives.

Jenny Schatzle opened a new facility in January.

She has spent the past few months working on a new program aimed at improving people's health.

"we are literally changing people's lives everyday," said Schatzle.

Just 8 short weeks ago 24-year-old  Francisca Lara's life looked much different.

"I could barely walk on the treadmill without getting winded," said Lara.  Lara's doctor told her she was pre-diabetic, and if she didn't do something about her weight, she could have a heart attack.

The terrifying news prompted her to try something else that scared her -- excercising.

She reached out to Schatzle.

"She heard my story, and she wanted to help me," said Lara.

Over the past two months Schatzle helped Lara lose 20 pounds, and Lara is now running, even sprinting on the treadmill.

"I feel really good.  It's not about being skinny, its about my health and how much stronger I am," said Lara.

The Schatzle approach combines the daily boot camp style classes with a personalized nutrition plan.

But there's another reason why her classes are always packed. 

"We take the intimidation out of working out," she said. "There's no magic pill.You're going to have to work out and eat right the rest of your life.  You might as well have fun while you do it."

Lara has a new goal.  She wants to run a 5K, and she plans to take part in Night Moves, a weekly community run along Shoreline Drive in Santa Barbara.
Schatzle is challenging other first time runners to come out to run with Lara Wednesday night. For more information, go to http://www.jennyschatzle.com/



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