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List of Retailers Hacked Over the Holidays is Growing

At least three other well-known U.S. retailers had card information comprimised

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - First, it was Target.  Now Neiman Marcus is on the growing list of stores where millions of Americans had their credit card information stolen.

The list of retailers hacked over the holidays is growing.

New reports say that at least three other well-known U.S. retailers had customer credit and debit card information compromised.

Those stores have not been publicly identified, but they are associated with outlet malls.

"If your information has been breached, you need to know about it," said Consumer Watchdog Privacy Project Director John M. Simpson.

This comes on the heels of Target announcing a massive data breach of up to 110 million customers.

"Until I'm 100 percent confident that it's been taken care of and there's mores security measures in effect, I'm going to hold off," said local shopper Tara Naughter, who has shopped at Target in the past.

And now, Neiman Marcus is saying it's investigating stolen credit card information from its customers over the holidays.

So, with many of these the stores we shop at every day, the question now is do we use the card, or do we resort to cash.

"I'm going to continue to use my credit card because there's enough fraud protection and I'm not concerned," said one shopper, Sharol Janes.

"Cash, it's better, people need to start using cash," said Juan Magana of Santa Barbara.

The best way to protect yourself:
- check your credit report
-monitor your bank statements for fraudulent activity
- if you see any unusual charges report it, you will be reimbursed by your bank or card company

"Choose good banks, good systems, and stay on top of it," said shopper Leo Vera.  "I'm not going to get scared, see ghosts, change my habits."

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