June Gloom Putting A Damper On Local Rose Gardens

Carpinteria rose grower talks about effects of weather on crops

June Gloom Putting Damper on Rose Gardens

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - For centuries, the rose has been a symbol of mystical beauty and a way for a man to show his feelings for the woman he admires.

But to create those blooming beauties, local growers say it takes a lot of love and nurturing.

"We love our roses," said Carpinteria Rose Story Farm owner Danielle Hahn.  "And these roses that we grow here are grown in the field."

Hahn also adds that most importantly the success comes from the blessing of good weather from Mother Nature.

"We have been very fortunate for the past few years," Hahn said.  "We've had wonderful, brilliantly sunny summers."

The California drought has not cast a terrible dry spell on these flowers.

"We only water our roses once a week here," Hahn said.

But the June gloom weather always threatens the bloom.

"This gloom brings mildew and rust and lots of funguses,"  Hahn said.  "And we have to be very very cautious about keeping an eye on the plans to make sure that they stay healthy."

Hahn said there are certain precautions that they need to take before and during this dreary weather pattern.

"We use biological predators to combat the insects and to make sure that as they keep the plants clean, they also promote good healthy plant tissue.  In addition we spray weekly.  And it's critical to spray your roses weekly when the weather gets like this.

And by taking preventive measures, Hahn said she can continue to add sunshine to any cloudy day through her product.

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