Is Your Home Protected Against Wildfires?

Local firefighters remind homeowners to have defensible space

Firefighters Urge Homeowners to Create Defensible Home

MISSION CANYON, Calif. - Santa Barbara County firefighters are urging homeowners to create and maintain a defensible home as fire season never sleeps in our area.

The Jesusita Fire burned through Santa Barbara County five years ago.  But you might not guess that looking an area of beautiful homes that sit on top of Mission Canyon today.

"This particular area had very good defensible space and these homes actually survived," explained Santa Barbara County firefighter David Sadecki.

Defensible space is the area around a structure free of flammable plants and objects that create a zone in which firefighters can protect your home.

But because this area did not have defensible space, firefighters were not able to save it.

"We recommend that people look at their property and say okay," Sadecki said.  "If there was no firefighters here, would our home survive if the firefighters were not here and the fire came through."

This also means to make sure trees are spaced out and limbed up off the ground.

"We don't want to create that fire ladder that goes from the wild land to the vegetation surrounding your home and into your home,"' said Sadecki.

There is no better time than now to prepare with summer quickly approaching with local firefighters doing inspections across the county.

"What we do is we go out and make recommendations to the homeowner," said Sadecki.  "Tthey have a certain amount of time to complete that work, and we come back and do a re-inspect, make sure that everybody is ready to go.  So if there is a fire, we can get in there and safely defend their home."

If you are interested in having a check done on your home, call your local fire department.  There is more helpful information on it's website.

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