Worthwhile Windows

Windows are one of the biggest sources of damage to homes and other building structures during storm season. If your windows are not properly protected, they can break and let wind, water, and debris enter the house. Wind can even enter through cracks or small holes around the window frame, and built-up air pressure inside the window frame can blow out the windows and walls of a home. There are two ways to protect your home from experiencing this kind of devastation. The most common and most important form of protection is to install storm shutters over all windows and exposed glass surfaces, including skylights and doors with windows. You can get clear panel hurricane shutters made out of a super strong (and yet lightweight) polycarbonate resin for as little as $6 per linear foot, or you can go with something more classic like these wooden storm shutter panels that look great on your windows all year round.

If you live on the coast and have the budget to replace your current windows, we strongly recommend you invest in the installation of impact-resistant windows. These windows are specially designed with reinforced glass and structural elements to withstand the impact of flying debris and strong winds. If you can't replace your windows, you can still protect your home from broken glass by adding safety film to all of your windows. This kind of film is designed to hold glass fragments together after a pane of glass has broken. Laminated films are best for protecting areas at risk of repeated impact.