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Ventura residents working to rebuild after Thomas Fire

Residents begin to rebuild after Thomas Fire

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - The Thomas Fire scarred thousands of homeowners in Ventura, leaving so many homeless. That includes 19-year Ondulondo resident, Tom Privitelli.

Rubble and caution tape are the only things left of Privitelli’s home on Via Cielito Drive.

“It hits you, the realization that you have no home,” said Privitelli. “It’s a little heartbreaking.”

But he is not skipping a beat in rebuilding his home.

“We’re trying to be among the first to rebuild,” said Privitelli. “We are moving as quickly as we can.”

The Ventura resident is like so many others who are working step-by-step to slowly bring their homes back to life.

Coming up tonight on NewsChannel 3 at 5:00 and 6:00, hear from City of Ventura officials and how they are helping residents rebuild.

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