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Retired Oxnard Battalion Chief and firefighter son help save their home in Thomas fire

Retired Oxnard Battalion Chief and...

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - A retired Oxnard Fire Battalion Chief and his son who also works for the Oxnard Fire Department never thought a wildfire would literally hit so close to home.

Kevin Schroepfer and his son, Casey, used their firefighting skills to help save their home and a few others around their Clearpoint neighborhood the night the Thomas Fire raged through Ventura.

“The fire was going to come here and it was going to get here fast,” said Kevin Schroepfer.

The Schroepfer's used gardening hoses and hand tools to try and defend their home.

"Once we realized the fire was coming up we put that plan into action,” said Casey Schroepfer. “We started with warning the neighbors and preparing our house and helping however we could."

Kevin and Casey evacuated later that night, not knowing if their home would make it

“All the sudden we said you know I don’t think we should be here whatever is going to happen is going to happen,’” said Kevin.  

When they came back earlier this week, they noticed the fire scorched their backyard, but the home is untouched.

Others in the neighborhood were not so lucky.

“We only had garden hoses and it was tough watching the neighbors' homes and not being able to do anything,” said Kevin. 

99 homes burned in the Clearpoint community.

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