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Families begin to move into Pasadera, Guadalupe's newest development

Families begin to move into Pasadera...
The Pasadera construction site isn't the only thing buzzing about the new homes in this community; new homeowners and city leaders are excited as well.
"It's still a little unbelievable - like I really can't believe that it really happened, we're really here and I'm enjoying it," says new homeowner Annette Guerrero. 
"The exciting part for me I think is and for the community as a whole is the fact that it's comfortable for seniors and retired people as it is for families and that I think makes an ideal community," explains Guadalupe City Manager Cruz Ramos. 
So far developers are working on building 150 houses in their first phase of development and 25 families have moved in. 
That's just a small chunk of the total 800 homes and a brand new school that will be a part of this new community in Guadalupe, a city that was chosen by developers for numerous reasons.
"It's hard to find property near the ocean here in California and the other thing was the town itself - the crime rate is zero here, it has an old town, small town feeling and we just felt it was a right fit for our company," says General Manager of Pasadera, Craig Smith. 
While some small communities often fear growth, many of the people we spoke to say this development will help create a lot of opportunities for the city.
"It would be nice to have a little more stores, you know a grocery store - a nice big grocery store and of course we're too small to have anything like that. Don't get me wrong, I love Masatani's Market but you know - we need some growth here - I'm hoping it will be a good thing," Guerrero says.
"The city fathers are so intent on making sure that Guadalupe retains its character that it's not going to be a free for all - it'll be well managed growth," says Ramos. 
Developers say they already are 'booked up' for these new homes that are under construction but will continue to take names of people who  are interested. The next phase of homes is coming soon. 
"This is the time to be buying the house, rents are almost more than most mortgages are running right now and you have all the tax benefits from it," Smith explains. 


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