Ventura County Rescue Mission hosts Great Thanksgiving Banquet

Ventura County Rescue Mission hosts Great Thanksgiving Banquet in Oxnard

OXNARD, Calif. - Chef de Cuisine Richard Varble cooked up another Great Thanksgiving Banquet at the Ventura County Rescue Mission in Oxnard on the afternoon before Thanksgiviing. 


Varble said his secret is having a lot of help.


 His team cooked about 500 turkeys, enough to feed hundreds of men , women and children.


More than 200 people volunteered to serve the meals including Michael Powers, Ventura County Executive Officer; John C. Zaragoza, Ventura County Supervisor; Sheriff Geoffrey Dean, Ventura County Sheriff’s Office; and Oxnard's Mayor Tim Flynn.

"I am so thankful we live in this incredible county and there are places like the mission here that are here to help those that are less fortunate," said Dean.


Chef Varble was one of the last to eat.  During the clean-up he shared his ideas for leftovers.


"You can turn it into Turkey-a-la-king, if you get some pastry doe you an turn it into pot pies, there's lots of things you can do, also turkey sandwiches which is a great favorite." said Varble.


Diner Charles Mitchell Crandall said he was thankful for the meal and his dog Tinkerbell.


The Rescue mission is dedicated to helping homeless men, women and children.


“Often a simple meal served with love is the first step in helping someone deal with homelessness or addiction," said John E. Saltee, director of the Ventura County Rescyue Mission.  


Christina Lykins said she started volunteering with her mother years ago when they didn't have money to donate, but they had time to help.


Donations make it all possible.


The Ventura County Rescue Mission is located at 234 E. 6th St. in Oxnard.

Donations can be made at or sent to P.O. Box 5545, Oxnard, CA 93031-5545.


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