Small Brush Fire Ignites In Oceano Dunes

A small vegetation fire at Oceano Beach Dunes had authorities making a speedy response, Friday. 


Food Top Stories

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

From Starbucks via CNN

The annual pumpkin spice onslaught is here

Here's your forecast for fall: cooler, with a 100% chance of pumpkin spice.

Kellogg's is the latest to jump on the bandwagon started by Starbucks and its pumpkin spice latte way back in 2003, splashing its popular Mini-Wheats cereal with pumpkin spice...

Trump says he won't eat Oreos after production moves to Mexico

Donald Trump says he will stop eating Oreo cookies after its parent company announced it was closing a factory in Chicago and moving it to Mexico.


Scott Barbour/Getty Images

'Just Mayo' not actually mayo, says FDA

What makes mayonnaise mayonnaise? Is it the white coloring? The thick paste-like consistency? A bland taste that nicely complements a turkey sandwich?

According to the FDA, the answer is: eggs.

The FDA has issued a warning to Hampton Creek Foods for ...


"Cinnabon in 2005" by pingping - Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons

Hey couch potatoes! Carvel and Cinnabon will soon come to you

No need to get up, couch potatoes, because Carvel's got a delivery app that is going to bring Cookie Puss right to your door.

Focus Brands is rolling out the service for all its brands next week, including Carvel, Cinnabon, Auntie Anne's, Moe's Southw...

Bon Appetit magazine (file photo)

JP Yim/Getty Images

Bon Appetit's best new restaurants of 2015

After crunching the numbers and chewing the fat, Bon Appetit magazine has come up with its list of the best new American restaurants of 2015.

Traversing the country in search of fresh and innovative cuisine, deputy editor Andrew Knowlton and senior e...

Happy woman with glasses


Study: Way to woman's heart is through her stomach

If you really want to get lucky in love, forget about taking her to a movie or a bar; you may be better off taking her out for dinner first.

McDonald's sign

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Cleveland Clinic boots McDonald's from its food court

The Cleveland Clinic is kicking McDonald's off its campus.

Chef Fools Fine Diners with Inferior Food

Courtesy CatchOn

'Chef' fools diners into enjoying cheap food

We've all been there. You're in a restaurant, slightly underwhelmed by dinner, when the chef emerges from the kitchen to ask how things are going.

The default reaction is to proclaim loudly and confidently how you've just enjoyed one of the greatest ...

salt shaker shaking out salt


Group: Fast food meals have too much salt

Fast food usually packs a salty punch -- and that's dangerous for kids.

Starbucks pumpkin spice latte


Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte will be made with real pumpkin

Starbucks is changing the recipe of its very popular Pumpkin Spice Latte and ... get this ... it's adding real pumpkin.

Cupcakes blurb

Sisters risk it all... for cupcakes

When sisters Katherine Berman and Sophie LaMontagne left their lucrative jobs to start a cupcake shop, their parents were "dismayed."

"Our family thought we were crazy!" admits LaMontagne, who was a venture capitalist before she started Georgetown Cu...

Korean bibimbap Leen

Food map: Eat your way around Korea

They say it takes a village to raise a child.

But in South Korea it takes the legacies of a region to create a legendary dish.

Ancient royal lunches, former fertilizers, dishes that look too pretty (or too hideous) to eat -- these regional South Korean...

Ask The Cook

Vegetables, farmer's market

Which organic foods are worth the switch?

Organic food has risen to become a major market over the past quarter century.


Five 'healthy' foods that may not be

You can find a health and fitness section in just about every newspaper, magazine,…

Open refrigerator

Nightly munchies don't have to bust diet

Avoiding late-night snacks is best for keeping off weight. But if you must snack,…

Main Courses

Pasta noodles

Asian pasta primavera

Explore Euro-Asian fusion with this dish.

Chicken dinner

Chicken and vegetable curry

Wake up your taste buds with this dinner dish.

Grilled cheese sandwiches with balsamic dip

Add an elegant, zesty twist to the lunchtime favorite!



Asparagus with toasted sesame aioli

Use one of summer's finest vegetables in this offering.


Grab your pita bread and get dipping!

Farfalle crowned with brie and pears

This is a truly decadent dish for special occasions.



Classic Margarita

No festive gathering is complete without these!


Old-fashioned lemonade

Make several batches to last you through a long weekend!


Strawberry-banana smoothie

Cool down on a warm day with this nutritious drink.


Mixed berries

Berry-wine soup

Serve this tempting treat as a first course or a warming dessert.


Blueberry fruit pops

This sweet treat will beat the heat and help break your kids' junk food habit.

Red wine

Raspberry-merlot sauce

This complex, tangy-sweet sauce tops everything from fresh fruit to ice cream!

House and Home Headlines

Home sales, housing

The median home price here is $980,000

Home prices are soaring across the country, increasing in 93% of markets in the U.S.…

Goleta Short Term Rentals In Effect

The city of Goleta is asking for help from short-term rental owners to register…

Many Central Coast Residents Unhappy with Haggen Store Prices

Central Coast residents took social media by storm to show their displeasure at…

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