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Grocery Store

Shoppers Stuff Their Carts With Groceries

Last minute shoppers stuffed their carts with items needed to make a Thanksgiving feast.

Rescue Mission Serves Up Early Thanksgiving Feast

Rescue Mission Serves Up Early Thanksgiving Feast

The Rescue Mission served up an early Thanksgiving meal Wednesday afternoon to around 300 people.

Organic Soup Kitchen Feeds the Community

Organic Soup Kitchen Seeks Community Help

The Organic Soup Kitchen is celebrating its sixth annual Thanksgiving Day community dinner.

Local Chef Shares Healthy Option for Thanksgiving

Santa Barbara Chef Whips Up Healthy Thanksgiving Dish

Santa Barbara Public Market is celebrating it's first Thanksgiving. Vendors are offering up a variety of Turkey day essentials. Chef Kristen Desmond of Flag Stone Pantry shares her recipe for an easy, healthy addition to your Thanksgiving Table.  Check out the video for a step-by step walk through of the dish.

Pecan nuts

National Pecan Shellers Assoc.

Southern pecan pie

Searching for that tall, rich pecan pie you find in restaurants? We've got the secret!

Zoo Animals Enjoy Thanksgiving Treats

It's Thanksgiving week and people have turkey on their minds, but you can't forget about other animals...we mean the animals at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Deep Fried Turkey, How it Should be Done

Don't drop a frozen bird into searing hot oil

Turkey Donations a Holiday Treat for Struggling Families

A tradition that’s been going on for more than a decade, KCOY’s turkey drive is happening Thursday.

Hell's Kitchen Comes to Paradise with Visit to Santa Barbara

The lively Fox TV cooking competition show, Hell's Kitchen brought chefs and a crew to Santa Barbara's Stearns Wharf this afternoon.

Tino s Italian Grocery Store Reopens

Tino's Italian Grocery Store Reopens with History Dating Back to 1947

A slice of Santa Barbara's Italian history has not faded away. Family members have revived Tino's Italian Grocery store, after the death of Valentino 'Tino' Ziliotto earlier this year.

Four Churches Donate Over 600 Turkeys and Chickens for Thanksgiving

Four Montecito churches combined their efforts over the weekend to help those in need this holiday season.


Organic Soup Kitchen Serves Up Free Meals to Veterans

Volunteers prepared and served up 200 healthy meals

Ask The Cook

Vegetables, farmer's market

Which organic foods are worth the switch?

Organic food has risen to become a major market over the past quarter century.


Five 'healthy' foods that may not be

You can find a health and fitness section in just about every newspaper, magazine,…

Open refrigerator

Nightly munchies don't have to bust diet

Avoiding late-night snacks is best for keeping off weight. But if you must snack,…

Main Courses



This multi-tasking dish will fill many roles for you.


Spaghetti Puttanesca

Make this romantic red dish for a special dinner. Recipe Tip

Shrimp lo mein

Shrimp and mango couscous

This blend of exotic flavors will delight your palate and your eyes!


Pita chips

Apple, caramelized onion pizza triangles

Here's an appetizer that will knock their socks off.

Cheese fondue with pesto

Pesto gives this dip its zip!

Portobello Quesadillas

Try these great mushrooms in a whole new way!



Can Starbucks delivery deliver?

It might seem like there's a Starbucks on every corner, but the company's…

Cocktail drink

Hurricane cocktail

Ring in the summer with this classic cocktail.



Make this lemony liqueur as a gift, or to drink yourself.


Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pies

Get a recipe for the classic pumpkin custard pie, and a bonus one with an island…

Pecan nuts

Glazed pecans

This crunchy, sweet snack will delight any muncher and make a great garnish.


Pear crumble

Serve this with vanilla ice cream for a taste of summer.

House and Home Headlines

Organic Soup Kitchen Feeds the Community

Organic Soup Kitchen Seeks Community Help

The Organic Soup Kitchen is celebrating its sixth annual Thanksgiving Day community…

High-End Luxury Home Sales On The Rise

High-End Luxury Home Sales On The Rise

Across much of the country, median home sales have stalled and prices are flat.


Carpinteria Plays a Big Role in Poinsettia Popularity for the Holidays

Carpinteria flower grower Jerry Van Wingerden says "We're ready," as he looks over…

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