Toxic nacho cheese sauce blamed for man's death

Santa Maria residents weigh in on the incident

Warning about nacho cheese sauce

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Nacho cheese sauce is being blamed for a man's death in California.

California health officials say the cheese sold at a Walnut Grove gas station in Northern California was tested for toxins that cause botulism. Botulism is a rare and fatal form of food poisoning. It can cause people to vomit and eventually lead to paralysis.

This cheesy and gooey snack is often a go to for people hitting the road.

"If you are on the road, there isn't always fast food or restaurants on the way, there is usually a gas station," says Aaron De Jesus, from Santa Maria. 

Gas stations and convenience stores are usually where you find nacho cheese. 

However, when it comes to eating this snack, people should think twice. 

"From the preliminary testing of the cheese it was positive for botulism," says Dr. Olivia Kasirye about the cheese linked to the gas station. 

A man died as a result of eating the food. 

He's 37-year-old Martin Galindo Larios Jr.  Several others also became sick after eating the nacho cheese. 

"It's frustrating how that happened, it surprised me," says De Jesus. 

People who live in Santa Maria say when it comes to eating this kind of food they take extra precautions. 

"When it's opened I probably give it a second thought but if it's in a dispenser that's closed I'll give it a shot," he says. 

Health officials say this is reminding people about food safety. While they can't confirm how the gas station stored the cheese, they are investigating what caused the cheese to make so many people sick.

"That's why I am concerned about the food it's just sitting over there," says De Jesus. 

As people prepare to hit the road for Memorial Day weekend health officials want to avoid anyone else from getting sick. 

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