Santa Maria farm begins selling unique product at Costco

Babe Farms' 'Cali Cabbage' now on shelves

Santa Maria farm begins selling...

Going from farm to grill, Babe Farms in Santa Maria is cooking up not only a new way to eat cabbage but growing a unique type of cabbage as well.

"Well it's a miniature cone cabbage so it's got a very unique flavor but the ability to grill it we put a little bit of olive oil on it, it's quick it's easy," explains Co-Owner Judy Lunberg. 

But getting the product and marketing right was no easy feat, while Babe Farms already had a longstanding relationship with Costco buyers for their other produce, it took the company nearly a year to figure out the right packaging for the cone cabbage. It just hit the shelves a few weeks ago.

"We had cooked it and showed it to them they were excited about it so currently, we're doing a test market in the Santa Maria store for the memorial day weekend it's available through the month of may and hopefully it'll catch on," says Lunberg.

Each 'Cali Cabbage' box comes complete with croutons, blue cheese dressing and Susie Q's seasoning, another Santa Maria based brand. 

The folks at Babe Farms say they're happy to provide their newest produce straight to people in the community.

"There's never more than a day or two between when we deliver to when it's distributed to their stores so it's a great way to connect with the local community," Lunberg says. 

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