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The leading sources of food poisoning

There are an estimated 76 million cases of food poisoning in the United States every year. A small fraction of these illnesses lead to hospitalization and death, but the vast majority usually just lead to a wretched day on the toilet.

Burger King sign (file)

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Burger King winning burger wars thanks to chicken fries

Maybe life at McDonald's would be less depressing if it had invented chicken fries.

Fish ball soup

Maggie Hiufu Wong/CNN

40 Taiwanese foods we can't live without

Small eats, and a lot of them, are the big thing in Taiwan.

Recently voted by our readers as the best food destination in the world, the culinary philosophy here is eat often and eat well.

hot dog at baseball game

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America celebrates National Hot Dog Day

Hot diggity dog! July is National Hot Dog Month and July 23 is National Hot Dog Day.

Lobster generic


Maine brewery infuses boiled lobster into beer

What's lobster without beer, and vice versa? A Maine brewery is making it easier to consume both at once.


Rich Brooks/CNN

McDonald's sales plunge. CEO calls results 'disappointing'

McDonald's is not out of the woods yet.

The fast food giant reported a 10% drop in quarterly sales and earnings per share on Thursday. And while that was good enough to beat Wall Street's meager expectations, McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook called t...

Filet O' Fish McDonald's sandwich

McDonald's Image

Did McDonald's manager reveal secret menu?

Say something on McDonald's corporate FAQ site, and nobody listens. But say it on Reddit, and the Internet blows up.

McDonald's sign

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

All-day breakfast on McDonald's menu

McDonald's is said to be moving ahead with its plans for around-the-clock McMuffins and other breakfast items.


Ferre' Dollar/CNN

Why bananas as we know them might go extinct

Fifty years ago, we were eating better bananas. They tasted better, they lasted longer, they were more resilient and didn't require artificial ripening.

Wasabi Ginger potato chips


9 bizarre snacks for National Junk Food Day

Qhen snack-food makers come out with bizarre new hybrids -- toasted coconut & sea salt Triscuits, anyone? -- we're not afraid to try them.

Blue Bell ice cream recall

From Blue Bell/FDA

Blue Bell ice cream gets help from billionaire investor

Blue Bell Creameries, the ice cream maker that has been shutdown by listeria contamination tied to at least three deaths, has found a billionaire investor to help it get back on its feet.

Bacon in pan

Wikimedia Commons

The guilt-free seaweed that tastes like bacon

Food lovers might no longer have to choose between tastiness and healthiness.

As will be familiar to anyone miserably chewing through leaf after leaf of kale in a beleaguered attempt to shed a few pounds, it's hard to banish thoughts of cheeseburgers...

Ask The Cook

Vegetables, farmer's market

Which organic foods are worth the switch?

Organic food has risen to become a major market over the past quarter century.


Five 'healthy' foods that may not be

You can find a health and fitness section in just about every newspaper, magazine,…

Open refrigerator

Nightly munchies don't have to bust diet

Avoiding late-night snacks is best for keeping off weight. But if you must snack,…

Main Courses


Capellini with crabmeat and tomatoes

Complex flavors and rich crabmeat make this dish a winner!

salmon fish fillets on grill

Caribbean grilled catfish with tropical fruit salsa

These flavors will make your palate dance!

Fusilli pasta

Long fusilli with ratatouille

Create a hearty sauce without meat, with eggplant.


Salad dressing

Sweet and sour cucumber slices

This cool, refreshing side pairs very well with spicy foods.


Spinach and carrot crostini

Colorful and healthy, this one's a great nibble!

garlic cloves and onion


The ultimate "platform" for your culinary creativity.



Classic Margarita

No festive gathering is complete without these!


Old-fashioned lemonade

Make several batches to last you through a long weekend!


Strawberry-banana smoothie

Cool down on a warm day with this nutritious drink.


fresh peaches, fruit

Fresh peach mousse

Fluffy, light and satisfying ... and you can substitute other fruits as well!


Sweet strawberry-Madeira soup

Serve this light soup as an appetizer or dessert!

Mixed berries

Berry-wine soup

Serve this tempting treat as a first course or a warming dessert.

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Two homes in Arroyo Grande were badly damaged in a fire that remains under…

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