Parents stabbed by son in Santa Maria speak out

Parents defend Jhordy Ramirez

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Santa Barbara County prosecutors are formally charging 21-year old Jhordy Ramirez with attempted murder. His alleged victims were his own parents.

He was a promising young boxer. There are pictures, trophies, and belts that hang at this family's home. They tell the story of Jhordy Rramirez's career.

His parents describe him as a kind and loving son who was making his move in professional boxing.

However, Ramirez injured himself and his world started to crumble.

"He's very loving, but, he got depressed after he got hurt and everything spiraled downward," says his dad, Ricardo Ramirez.

It hit rock bottom on Friday when Santa Maria Police say Ramirez violently stabbed both of his parents.

His dad and mom, Ricardo Ramirez and Silvia paint a much different picture of their son. They say the story told about what happened on Friday is not how things really went. 

"He started saying he wanted to kill himself that his life wasn't worth anything," says Silvia Narcio, his mom.

His parents say those suicidal thoughts had been going on for about a week before Friday's stabbings.

They took him to various local hospitals but, say they were turned down and didn't get the help they desperately needed.

"We always wanted someone to help us so they could bring him to a rehab center or get him some psychological help," says his mom.

Narcio says her son would never hurt them.

Last Friday, he went to cut an apple to eat. She says she was scared he would use the knife to hurt himself.

"I'm very desperate, being a mom, and knowing he wants to kill himself and I'm worried," she says.

She tried to take the knife away from him.

He then ran outside, tripped over a pile of boxes, and when she tried again to take it away, that's when she got stabbed in the stomach.

She immediately yelled to his dad for help.

"I got scared, I went into shock, I couldn't do anything, my wife kept saying take the knife away from him," says his dad.

His dad also tried to take the knife away and got stabbed in the arm. Their son is being charged with attempted murder.

"He doesn't deserve that," says his dad.

Ramirez is currently in jail. His parents say they have not been able to speak to him since the stabbing happened.

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