Orcutt family receives help from community after Detwiler Fire burns home

ORCUTT, Calif. - An Orcutt family whose home burned down in the Detwiler Fire near Mariposa is getting some much-needed help from the Central Coast. 

Richard Loomis and his family spent most of their lives in the Orcutt area before moving to the Central Valley, but lost their home to the wildfire last week, leaving them with nothing.

However friends, family, and the Orcutt community are doing what they can to help. 

Shawna Stillwell is a close family friend and is asking for donations to help the family. 

"It's awful, I couldn't imagine losing everything like that," said Stillwell, who has known Rick for three decades. "The community response has been overwhelming. I've been inundated with strangers, people I've never met before, he's never met before, all dropping things off to help."

Donations have included clothes, school supplies for the couples 15-year-old son, and everything in between. 

"I feel so uplifted," said Stillwell. "I believe in this community, and they have reassured my faith in humanity."

Stillwell plans on renting a truck and trailer to haul the donations to Mariposa as the Loomis family looks for a new place to stay. 

Stilwell said she is keeping track of each and every person who donates. 

"The kindness that is coming from these people is not going unnoticed," she said.  "Whether they are friends of both of ours, friends of just his or they are coming from strangers, I have (donations) from all three categories and it's just amazing.

Stillwell encourages anyone who wants to donate to message her on Facebook. They welcome all donations, but gift cards, clothes, and basic home goods are what is needed most. 

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