Guadalupe police bring gifts to families in need

"Santalupe" spreads the joy of Christmas

GUADALUPE, Calif. - Christmas for some central coast families in need just got a bit brighter after receiving heartwarming gifts from the Guadalupe Police Department in another example of what's right with out community.

Earlier in the week, officers climbed on their sleigh to spread the joy of the holiday season and deliver gifts to Guadalupe families barely making ends meet.

One father of four children, who the GPD says struggles to feed them, much less provide gifts, was given gift cards for groceries and gifts for the children.

The Guadalupe Police Department has been holding fundraisers to purchase gifts for needy children for at least 20 years. GPD calls the program "Santalupe".

Many businesses and the California Highway Patrol donated gifts and money to the program. GPD officers then assemble a list of local families in need and the Christmas magic begins.

We thank the Guadalupe Police Department for their community efforts to bring smiles to many of the families needing hope and kindness this holiday season.

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