Airman surprises daughters at Vandenberg AFB dance

VANDENBERG AFB, Calif. - The nearly minute and a half video starts out with the airman's daughters looking at a big screen with a heartfelt video message from him.

Sgt. Paul Herrera had been on deployment, but that didn't stop this father from surprising his two daughters at a dance following the video.

As one of the MC's gets ready to start the dance, Sgt. Paul Herrera, 614th Air and Space Operations Center space controller, appears from a closed door with a bouquet of flowers in hand.

It took his daughters a moment to realize what was going on, but once they did, they couldn't contain their happiness of seeing his father and ran to his arms.

Video of the Pacific Coast Club event was posted on Facebook by Vandenberg Air Force Base personnel on April 23 and has nearly 100 shares. Watch the video below.

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