Students Call For Peace Following Deltopia

Peace rally participants hope to improve life in Isla Vista

Peace rally held in wake of Deltopia riots

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - About 60 students attended a peace rally at Del Playa Park, just a few blocks from the Deltopia rioting that led to the injury of a USCB police officer. And students weren't the only people on hand, Firefighters, families and university employees turned out, too.

Members of the Isla Vista Tenant Union and Associated Students said the reputation of their community was harmed by video of the riot shown around the world.

They said a lack of communication with police made students feel left out of the preparation for the unsanctioned spring celebration They also blamed uninvited underage guests for the overcrowding.  They also wondered out loud whether the crackdown on music changed the mood of the people walking around.

One student athlete said he's at UCSB to get an education, not to party. He hopes something good will come of an event that went terribly wrong.

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