Santa Maria Elks Lodge hosts annual Law Appreciation Night

Men and women honored for work in SB County

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Seven men and women working in law enforcement in Santa Barbara County were honored at the annual Santa Maria Elks Lodge Law Appreciation Night.

Among those recognized for their outstanding work was Andrew Brice of the Santa Maria Police Department.

Brice was the lead detective in the high profile murder, kidnapping and Amber Alert last month that stunned the community and kept law enforcement agencies in multiple jurisdictions busy for for 30 hours straight.

"It's not about me, it will never be about me", Brice said after receiving his award, "there's no way any of this can happen without the other people."

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Deputy Jorden Walker was recognized for his outstanding work in the north county area.

"Thank you very much for this award, I really appreciate it", Walker said.

Others honored for their work included local FBI Special Agent Edward Lewis and CHP Office Daniel Mota.

"We notice, I notice, my partners do, an appreciation for law enforcement", Mota said, "something as simple as being in a restaurant and having a cop of coffee and having somebody walk up to you and say thank you for what you do."

Santa Barbara County Deputy Probation Officer Tiffany Phillips and Senior Deputy District Attorney Brooke Gerard were also recognized.

"For everybody in law enforcement and everybody that is supporting us like the Elks here tonight it really makes a difference", Gerard said.

The Guadalupe Police Department honored Records Technician Norma Bribiesca.

All ofl the honorees received Certificates of Commendation and Appreciation from congressional, state, county and city representatives.

"They're not congratulated enough, they're not given the respect for what they go through", said Elks Lodge Exultant Ruler Tony Dart, "I equate it back to when I was in the service, they're out there doing the job and noone thanks them, noone cooperates with them and yet they continue to do it day in and day out."

This is th 46th year the Santa Maria Elks Lodge has hosted its Law Enforcement Appreciation Night.

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