Kindergarteners Bike for Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Raphael School in Goleta celebrates the green holiday

Kindergarteners Bike for Saint Patrick's Day

GOLETA, Calif. - Saint Patrick's Day is very exciting for kids at Saint Raphael School in Goleta.

Kindergartners strapped on their helmets and kicked off this green day with a bike parade in front of their school Monday morning.

Teachers said it's a tradition that has been going on for years to help celebrate Saint Patrick's Day and spread green cheer.

"A fun project for the kids to do  and it brings parents in and a great community event for the kindergarten class," said kindergarten teacher Aana Strickler.

Another special part of the day: trying to catch a leprechaun.

The kids built traps to try and capture one, but unfortunately he was too much of a trickster for the students and left behind a mess in the classroom.

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