Isla Vista Celebrates Halloween for a Second Night

For every five officers there is a volunteer working, too

Isla Vista Celebrates Halloween for a Second Night

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Safety doesn't come cheap in Isla Vista during the long weekend of Halloween celebrations.

Kelly Hoover of The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department said the cost of officers and overtime will run about $203,000, but the department does not put a price tag on student safety.

There are about 250 officers working alongside volunteers groups including Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement Chaplains, the Medical Reserve Corps of Santa Barbara and Street Health Outreach.

Ric Hovsepian of the Medical Reserve Corps said they have nurses and doctors working every night to prevent casualties.

Officers didn't waste anytime looking for open containers. Undercover officers lined up students on the curb right behind large bottles of liquor.

Many of the people in the crowd said they were from out of town.

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