Fire officials warn residents about firework dangers

July 4th holiday brings sale of legal, illegal fireworks

Fire officials warn residents about fireworks dangers

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Along the Central Coast there are several cities where it is legal to sell and buy fireworks.

Stands are popping up from Fillmore to Arroyo Grande. Fire officials, in cities were firework sales are legal, say customers must follow strict purchasing guidelines. Only buying from legitimate sellers, making sure the fireworks fall under the "safe and sane" description and only using them during allowed days and hours.

Those firework-selling cities are becoming harder to find. In most areas, the sale and purchase of any kind of firework is illegal.

The majority of Santa Barbara County bans the use of fireworks. Those found to be buying, selling or using both legal and illegal fireworks could face a fine or even jail time.

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