Dancers audition for Noches de Ronda

Old Spanish Days event showcases variety of talent

Dancers audition for Noches de Ronda

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Visitors at Sunken Gardens behind the Santa Barbara Courthouse got a sneak peak at the Noches de Ronda Show to be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

But not every show on stage during the dress rehearsal will perform.

Monday's rehearsal was also an audition.

Diana Vandervort, Noches de Ronda Chairwoman, said they want every performances to reflect the culture Old Spanish Days is celebrating.

When one group of dancers ripped off their long skirts to reveal red ruffled hot pants the crowd applauded, but that does not mean the group will be chosen for the every night's lineup.

"It's supposed to stick with tradition of fiesta and if it doesn't fit into the show they won't use it," said Teri Gonzalez.  She said they work very hard.

A ballet group took the stage, too.

But most of the performances included flamenco representing areas in Spain and folklorico dances, representing regions in Mexico.

People have already started staking out their seats for the free performances.

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