Bar Hoppers Celebrate End of Prohibition

The anniversary marks the third annual Repeal Day Santa Barbara

Bar Hoppers Celebrate End of Prohibition

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Thursday, Dec. 5 marked the 80th anniversary of the day the 21st Amendment repealed prohibition.

To celebrate, people dressed up in 1920s and 1930s attire and went from bar to bar during the 3rd annual Repeal Day Santa Barbara.

Organizer Ted Mills said he thinks it should be a national holiday.

Mills and Joe Andrieu made a road map so followers could enjoy old fashioned cocktails at Marquee, Milk & Honey, Cielito, Roy, Picke Room, Wildcat, Cadiz, and Blue Agave.

They also hired Absolute Cab to make sure no one got behind the wheel.

Mills said prohibition lasted 13 years and turned Santa Barbara into a hub for rum-runners and bootleggers who used the Channel Islands as hiding places.

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