28 injured in Simi Valley fireworks accident

Fourth of July fireworks show goes very wrong; Bomb squad expected to investigate

28 injured in Simi Valley fireworks accident

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - A Fourth of July fireworks celebration turned dangerous in Simi Valley. Officials say 28 people have been injured, some with moderate injuries.

Just minutes into the annual fireworks show at Rancho Santa Susana Community Park something went very wrong around 9:20 p.m. Thursday. Simi Valley police say the fireworks accidentally detonated incorrectly shooting them into the crowd.

The show was immediately stopped following the mishap. A triage area was set up by the Ventura County Fire Department to treat dozens of people. Others with more serious injuries were transported to Simi Valley and Los Robles Hospital.

Authorities are investigating what caused the accident. The bomb squad is expected to be at the site as well.


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