Strict ticket policy in place for Radiohead show tonight

Only two per person and photo ID required

Radiohead tickets under tight rules

SANTA BARBARA,Calif. - A very strict ticket policy has been put into place for the Radiohead concert tonight at the Santa Barbara Bowl. 

The show is one of the most poplar touring acts on the road right now, and from Santa Barbara Radiohead will be a headliner at the Coachella Festival this weekend in the California desert.

Fans who bought tickets weeks ago have been told the event is ticketless.  To gain admission, they must have the same credit card used to buy the tickets and a photo identification.   The credit card holder must be present.

If there is something missing or a conflict with the credit card, admission will be denied.

The concert has sold out.

The ticket limit was two per person.

The policy is aimed at reducing ticket scalping.  For this show, even with the guidelines posted, there have been attempts to sell tickets online for up to $1000 a pair.  It's unclear how the transaction can be completed with the tight bowl rules.

One fan calls those who try to buy as many tickets for big shows as possible,  only to resell them for a large profit, "despicable."     " I just despise that.  I think it's a great thing (new rules) they have done. It makes it so the people who are here want to be here for the show and not just make a profit," said Hylton Edingfield.

Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Bowl,  Rick Boller says  "there's a big push on behalf of the band to get that communication out there up front so there's no surprise by the process."
He says at the gate when an ID and credit card are presented, a special hand printer will produce a seat location for the ticket buyer and they are in.   There's no spot for any resale of tickets. 

All of the specific details about this policy are on  www.sbbowl.com.

It's a process used for some other high demand acts including Jack Johnson and Michael Buble. 

Radiohead is the second show of the season at the bowl.  The amphitheater is very popular outside venue in the foothills of Santa Barbara.   Large acts including the Eagles, the Who, Sting, and Paul Simon have added it to their schedule over the years.

Many performers drop in into their tour line up when they are traveling up or down the California coast, even if they have mostly large arenas booked.

Depending on a particular show configuration,  the seating and general admission at the bowl handles about 4500 spectators. 


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