SLO Film Fest tribute to Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher

Screening of HBO documentary at Fremont Theater

SLO Film Fest tribute to Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - A memorable tribute to a unique mother-daughter relationship at the San Luis Obispo Film Festival Wednesday night with the screening of a documentary on the lives of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

Todd Fisher introduced the HBO documentary "Bright Lights" of his mother Debbie Reynolds and his sister Carrie Fisher at the Fremont Theater in downtown San Luis Obispo as part of the ongoing 23rd annual SLO Film Festival.

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher passed away within one day of each other last December,

"You're going to see a collection of both of their lives, the archives of our family, the old footage of when we were children but all the way through their careers", Todd Fisher said before the screening Wednesday night, "and a lot of behind the scenes stuff with them expressing themselves in their own words what things were like growing up, what their relationship was like and you're going to see that interaction going on which no one has ever seen before."

The SLO Film Fest is now in its 23rd year and continues to grow in allure and stature.

"Filmmakers love coming here, we have in the past been voted one of the 50 top film festivals in the world and worth the entry fee", says SLO Film Fest board member Brigetta Walsh, "filmmakers love to have their films shown here and entered in competition, this year we had over a thousand films entered in competition."

There's also been a sizeable contribution from budding student filmmakers at Cal Poly, which has helped attract larger crowds to the week-long event.

"Well they're different, they tend not to be commercial, widely distributed films, they're unique", says Jack Phelan who attended the Reynolds-Fisher tribute screening at the Fremont Theater, "they usually have some interesting perspective on a story you've never encountered before and that excites me."

"It's fun, its fun to see what people are creating", says Clare Cardoza who also was at the Fremont Theater, "I just like people's interpretation of things and I just like to support others and their passions."

Tickets for SLO Film Fest 2017 can be purchased online at slofilmfest.org.

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