Local Premiere of "Dislecksia: The Movie"

Free Friday Showing At Santa Barbara High School

Local Premiere of "Dislecksia: The Movie"

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Can't read, can't write, won't amount to anything. That was the tragic, old way of treating people with dyslexia. But the release of Harvey Hubbell V's new film is expected to slam that chapter shut, and celebrate people with learning differences.

"Dislecksia: The Movie" is based on the Hubbell's personal account, growing up as a dyslexic, before people had ever heard the word.

The hereditary learning difference impacts one in five people, including Winston Churchill, Charles Schwab and Santa Barbara resident Christine Feldman. "I don't see letters. Letters will appear and disappear. As easy as "county" and "country,"' said Feldman. "Those are very similar but the letters will fade in and out and I won't be able to tell what it is."

"Dislecksia: The Movie" stars Billy Bob Thornton and celebrates the strengths of people with dyslexia -- such as leadership qualities, gift of gab, sports abilities -- not their weaknesses.

"I love this movie! It's a lot of fun," said Cherie Rae, director of The Dyslexia Project in the Santa Barbara Unified School District. "He (Hubbell) does it in a light and informative way. It will get our community talking and understanding what dyslexia is."

The film premieres in Santa Barbara, for free, Friday night at 7:00 pm at Santa Barbara High School.

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