Local Goleta High School one of first to perform Mary Poppins on stage

Dos Pueblos High School takes center stage this spring

Local High School one of first to perform "Mary Poppins"

GOLETA, Calif. - The magical story of "Mary Poppins" is taking center stage.

The youngest generations get a taste of the Disney classic in "Saving Mr. Banks", but one local high school was asked by Disney to bring that story to life this spring.

From singing to dancing to accents, there's a lot of things that go into a theatrical production.

But for the actors at Dos Pueblos High School, their upcoming performance will be a little more magical than most.

"We were able to pilot "Tarzan" a few years ago, a couple years ago," said director Clark Sayre.  "The president of Disney loved it and said we'd really like to have you pilot 'Mary Poppins'."

They are one of six high schools selected from thousands across the country by Disney Theatrical to perform the enchanting musical.

"There's professional companies that have been able to do it," Sayre said.  "But we're like the first round of high schools that are able to do it."

But to get the rights to do so, you have to be selected.

"We're looking for a dedicated staff that can drive the process," said David Scott, manager of licensing at Disney Theatrical Group.  "And we're also looking for a group of students who can work on the fly.  We want to insert change and that they're dedicated to the theater process."

It's an opportunity these students say is "practically perfect in every way."

"I've been watching 'Mary Poppins' since I was little so I never thought you can actually perform in 'Mary Poppins', let alone be 'Mary Poppins' so it was very exciting to do that," said Sofia Ross, a student in the production.

"I usually dance everyday after school so, I wanna be a dancer," said Sydney Tucknott , who is playing Jane Banks.  "I really want to be a dancer."

And young Asher Tucknott, playing Michael Banks, said, "I really want to be a dancer because dancing's really fun."

It may be early in rehearsals, as the show runs April 25 through May 3, but these talented boys are girls seem to step in time just fine.

They're excited to be part of a musical that over decades captured the hearts of so many and will for years to come.

For more information or to get tickets, visit http://www.dptheatrecompany.org/

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