Garth Brooks talks about performing at California Mid-State Fair

Superstar playing in Paso Robles for first time

Garth Brooks talks about performing...

PASO ROBLES, Calif. -  

After a month of anticipation, Garth Brooks, along with his wife Trisha Yearwood, arrived at the California Mid-State Fair Thursday afternoon.

The country superstars met members of the local media for an hour-long press conference a few hours before the first of his two shows at the Paso Robles Event Center.

"Heard great legendary stories about this," said Brooks. "Trisha played here before and she loved it, so yeah let's get this thing done. The band and crew were so excited, so this is a good way to go right here."

As the highest-selling solo artist in American history, Brooks has played all over the world in the biggest stadiums and arenas built.

However, it's been more than a year since he last played outdoors at a fair.

"This is the good old days right here," said Brooks. "This is what music is all about, state fairs. Now, it's all about arenas and stadiums and now it's very scheduled. Not here, it's going to be wide-open. It's going to be fun. You're actually going to get to be part of a party, instead  of a concert. I love concerts, but I love parties even more."

When his show was first announced, excitement exploded around the Central Coast. His show quickly sold out in just 30 seconds, breaking a Mid-State Fair record.

A second show was later announced, and again, another sellout in just half-a-minute.

"It's very sweet," said Brooks. "Hopefully, it means people are going to want to come and sing because if you do, I'm going to work you like a rented mule tonight."

For many who have previously attended a performance, they mention the Oklahoma-native puts on a show where he's singing especially for him.

He said it's a style he learned from watching his favorite performers while growing up.

"All you're looking for is that three seconds where that artist looks at you and you say thank you," Brooks said. "Thank you when I was down I played your music, when I was celebrating I played your music. You wanted to tell that to Queen, you wanted to tell that to Haggard and Jones and all those guys. So now, it's just the opposite, you're looking for those three seconds. Thank you for my life, thank you for letting me play music and it's a great exchange and I think that's where it came from."

For those fans who fortunate to attend one of his two fair performances, they're happy he finally found a way to come to Paso Robles.

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