Breakthrough night for local guitarist Pryor Baird on national TV talent show

Appearance on 'The Voice' could be career changer

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Hitting the airwaves with a blazing guitar and a passionately gritty voice, Orcutt's Pryor Baird is on tonight's episode of the "The Voice."

The NBC show has released a preview of the blind audition that is full of screams and lively cheering. His family members are shown frequently in the cutaway shots.

The outcome of the audition is yet to be determined and remains a secret.

In Baird's first words after his guitar cooled down, from the driving song, "I Don't Need No Doctor,"  he said, "my name is Pryor Baird, 35 years old, from a little bitty town called Old Orcutt, California."

Baird told the judges he left the Central Coast seven years ago, after selling what he had here and headed to Nashville. He performs there regularly.

When he lived locally, Baird was a Thursday night regular on the stage at the James Joyce bar in downtown Santa Barbara. His unique sound and blistering guitar licks could be heard for a half a block.   

It's one of those small-town bar musician stories, that strikes the right cord at just the right time.

Catch "The Voice" on demand at Hulu.com. Watch a preview of the clip below.



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