Authentic Italian Food Comes to Isla Vista

Sorriso Italiano Opened Earlier This Month, Food all Fresh & Made in House

Authentic Italian Food Comes to Isla Vista

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Sorriso Italiano is the latest restaurant to open in the heart of Isla Vista.

What makes this Italian restaurant different from others are the owners. Antonio Gerli and his family just moved to California last year. They're from northeastern Italy and always had a dream of opening a restaurant near a California University.

"I like the students," Gerli said. "I have three kids and I wanted them to stay in a city with a university and when I saw this place I fell in love with this place. So I decided to open here in Isla Vista."

All the food from Sorriso is fresh and prepared daily buy the chef, who just happens to be Gerli's wife. They have all the classics: pasta, pizza, lasagna and much more.


Sorriso, which means "smile" in Italian, also hosts a wine night every Thursday at 6 p.m. where anyone can come in learn about wine and drink a few glasses.

It is located at 901 Embarcadero Del Mar in Isla Vista.

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