Meatballs, Bill Murray

No. 3: "Meatballs"

It's hard to believe that there was a time when Bill Murray wasn't making the greatest movies of all time.

But the movie that launched his cinematic career was a little 1979 flick called "Meatballs." In it, Murray plays a camp counselor to a bunch of quirky campers and counselors-in-training.

It wasn't your typical teen sex romp -- in fact the dirty parts were nonexistent. But what we did get was the template on which Bill Murray based his persona: the wise cracking smart aleck who gets the job done with charm and panache. On top of that winning formula, it was set in a summer camp, so we've got the complete setting for a summer movie.

While Murray introduced his wisecracking, coolest-dude-in-the-room persona on "Saturday Night Live," he brought it to the big screen with "Meatballs," and movies have never been so awesome.