Rear Window, Jimmy Stewart

No. 4: "Rear Window"

Ah yes, "Rear Window" ... wait ... what?

Yeah. "Rear Window" is a great summer movie. Even though there aren't gun battles, space ships, horny teenagers, or jive talking robots, this movie is a great way of reintroducing some class into your summer movie repertoire.

In it, Jimmy Stewart plays a photographer who is stuck at home with a broken leg, left to voyeuristically watch his neighbors in the midst of a hot and humid of a New York summer. And what does he see? Murder.

One of the things that makes the movie so great is the painstaking attention to detail. While the main action is going on with Stewart, the lives of his neighbors are going on around him.

Technically, this movie, released Aug. 1, 1954, came out two decades before the notion of a "summer movie" even existed, but it is a marvelous film, and worth your time.