Search dogs are working carefully in the Montecito freeway mud looking for victims

Possible sites are slowly inspected

MONTECITO, Calif. - Two dogs were actively scrambling around in the mud around the base of the Olive Mill bridge in Montecito Tuesday, looking for victims in the recent disaster.

Crews are scooping up tons of debris and liquid muck from the disasterous runoff nearby.  At times they stop to take a closer look at specific sites.

That's when the dogs are brought in.

They are taken off their leashes and pointed in the direction where investigators suspect there may be one of the three known victims that have not been found.

The Search and Rescue teams from various agencies including Santa Barbara County and Montecito Fire Protection District are nearby, backing out for the dogs before going back into the area for more work.

Items nearby indicate there may have been human life brought to this site by the runoff water.  Those include clothing and item from homes in the muddy leftovers.

Tuesday afternoon for over two hours crews were in the area with dogs.  No recovery was reported.

An excavator was working nearby and with each scoop the driver and others were carefully looking at the substance being dumped into trucks for delivery at a drop off site up the coast.

The search dogs were also working in the area of the Biltmore hotel, Bonnymede and lower Olive Mill where debris flowed from the deadly mudflow.

U.S. Highway 101 will be closed until Monday according to the latest forecast by CalTrans.



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