Cat Therapy hosts 'cat yoga' in Santa Barbara

An hour of yoga and 30 minutes to play

Cat Therapy hosts 'cat yoga'

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Cats and yoga are the 'purr-fect' combination according to some yogis who attended Cat Therapy's Sunday morning yoga session.

"It's awesome. The cats bring such a playful, at the same time calming presence. They are very zen," said yoga instructor Nuria Reed.

Catalina Esteves, owner of Cat Therapy, said she got the idea after finding out Reed is an advocate of animal adoption. Esteves attends Reed's yoga sessions at Divinitree in Santa Barbara.

Yogis are guided through a one hour session of gentle yoga and deep stretching surrounded by playful furry felines. The cats are adult shelter cats that Cat Therapy exclusively features.

Cat Therapy's mission is to place adult cats in a home-like environment to help them get adopted faster.

After an hour of yoga, yogis are given 30 minutes to just play and cuddle with the cats. 

Corinna Bernasko, a yogi at Sunday's event, was lucky enough to have a cat lay on her during the yoga session.

"It's what you wish for and hope for right?" Bernasko said. "It was a perfect ending."

One session of cat yoga is $25 and can be booked on their website.

Esteves says that spots fill up quickly so interested people are encouraged to reserve a spot as soon as possible.

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