Carpinteria home proposal passes but some residents are upset

The plan is in a unique area

A Carpinteria home plan has survived an appeal.


A controversial home proposal in a Carpinteria neighborhood has been approved by the City Council after hearing an appeal Monday evening.


A new home proposal with modern designs has upset some residents in a part of Carpinteria where aging bungalow homes have stood for years.

The home has been proposed by Tony Segall and Deborah Dentler at 5157 Eighth Street. It's about two blocks from Linden avenue, the heart of downtown.

It would replace a home that has been on the property for over 100 years.

The city planners have already approved the project but many residents are still uneasy of the look

There's over 400 pages in the staff report going to the Carpinteria City Council this evening.

Donna Schroeder is a nearby resident.  She and others who live on the street say they are not opposed to a development there, but the one planned is not compatible.  Schroeder says local residents and visitors treasure the look of the area as it has stood for years.  "They see the bungalows and the craftsman inspired buildings  and they fall in love . That is what this neighborhood is really concerned   that we are going to lose that and we really want to keep this small beach town character that is unique in all of Southern California,  and we think it is something worth fighting for."

The appeal could be rejected by the city council, or the project could be sent back for further review to the Architectural board.

For more information on the project in front of the Carpinteria City Council beginning at 5:30 p.m. go to:


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