Stand up For Health Coverage rally held in Ventura on Saturday

People in support of Medicaid style...

VENTURA, Calif. - One day after Republicans failed to get enough voted to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, activists rallied in favor of  another another health care proposal.

They support California Senate Bill 562, also known as the Campaign for Healthy California. 

Mark Hirshfeld and Elle Stockton said they co-founded the group Ventura County Activists for Bernie Sanders; #ClimateRevolution.

They decided to host Saturday's rally before they learned about the canceled vote over what they call "TrumpCare."

They said they are trying to spread the word about California's comprehensive healthcare bill that is similar to Medicare.

Hirshfeld said SB 562 would reduce costs for employers and individuals.

About 30 people rallied along Victoria Avenue in front of the Ventura County Government Center on Saturday afternoon.

They urged drivers to honk their horns to support their stand up for health care event.

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