Shigella infections causes Camarillo Souplantation temporary closure

CAMARILLO, Calif. - The Camarillo Souplantation was closed on Thursday, June 22, 2017 through the weekend after eight diners showed laboratory evidence of Shigella infection.

The Ventura County Public Health Department was notified of an unusually high number of Shigella cases on June 22nd and conducted several interviews with those affected by the infection. The department determined that a number of the individuals infected had eaten at the Souplantation in Camarillo.

The Public Health's lab sent the Shigella samples to the State laboratory for further examination. 

The Camarillo Souplantation has been undergoing specific measures to resolve the problem. All of the food is being thrown away and the restaurant is being thoroughly clean, according to Sheila Murphy, spokesperson for the Ventura County Public Health Department.

“Souplantation’s actions have been exemplary. This is the kind of swift and decisive action, which leads to a collaboration with Public Health that results in a rapid resolution of the problem,” said Public Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin. 

Murphy also stated that all of the approximately 40 Souplantation employees are being put through a sanitary refresher course as well as being screened and cleared before being able to return to work.

As of right now, it is unclear what the source of the infection is. However, it is known that the bacterial infection most commonly causes diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps starting within the first couple of days of infection, and typically lasts about five to seven days. Some of those infected may not display any symptoms at all.

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