Sequestrations would trigger education cuts

Educators believe special needs students would be hardest hit

Sequestrations would trigger education cuts

CAMARILLO, Calif. - State Superintendent of public instruction Tom Torlarkson sent an urgent letter to Congressional leaders this week spelling out what will happen to federally funded education programs in California if sequestration takes effect Friday.

"After years of extensive state and federal budget cuts to education, these cuts will devastate communities across California.," Torlarkson said.

Ventura County Superintendent of Schools Stanley Mantooth said the most vulnerable students would be the hardest hit

Sequestration cuts amount to more than $260 million in federally funded programs in California.

That amount includes $91 million to improve education for disadvantaged students,  $72 million in special education programs and $20 million for public charter schools, career and technical education, and English learner courses.

Students at an annual education and health event called Kick Ash in Camarillo said  they have heard their teachers talk about cuts for the past five years.

Teachers said they are bracing for more students per class, more furlough days, and more layoffs.

If they had the chance, they would give lawmakers a failing grade.

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